Tap House 15 Restaurant & Bar In Jefferson NJ

by on December 18, 2015

Tap House 15 is the newest restaurant in the Morris County NJ area. I was excited to see what kind of food and beer selections they would have. I was meeting up with my client and friend Bob The Tech Guy to go over his new website design project and talk SEO at the Nine73 office in Dover NJ. It was getting late we were both hungry so we decided to go check out Tap House 15. The place was totally rehabbed and it’s brand new. I remember going there when it was New Orleans Steak House. It’s nothing like it, I was very impressed with the renovations they made with the space very nice.

Tap House 15

75 State Route 15 South
Jefferson, NJ 07438
Phone: 862-437-1300

Beers On Tap

Being a craft beer connoisseur I was really happy to see that they had a wide range of quality brews on tap and some of my favorites like Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout and Founders Brewing Co. on tap. Really nice to see a local 973 / Morris County NJ restaurant provide quality beers on tap. ( You can see the Nitro Tap at the end pictured below )

Tap House 15 Jefferson NJ

Tap House 15 Food & Service

The food was really good!!! Bob The Tech Guy and I split an order of wings. We tried the Truffle flavored wings. They where amazing, not gonna lie they are right up there top 3 wings I’ve had in the Morris County NJ area.

Bob ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp dish, It was really good, big shrimps fried and with a little side salad with a spicy kick.

When I go to a bar/restaurant, I always try out their wings and their burger. That’s my go to bar food. If you can’t make a decent burger or wings then you are not a good bar/restaurant!!! So I went for the Mauri burger test! Tap 15 House burger was pretty good, I had the Smokehouse House ( Burger Blend, BBQ Beef Brisket, Cheddar Cheese, Coleslaw ) It was like a mix of a pulled pork sandwich / brisket & a burger, really good, cooked well , flavors worked. My fries where salted and seasoned right which is always a good sign of a quality place but not hand cut fries. Wish more places would serve hand cut fries. My pickle was also good. Overall very happy with my diner tonight at Tap House 15. The service was friendly and attentive they hired a good staff.

I am really happy that Tap House 15 is open and that they are bringing quality food and beers to the area, the Morris County NJ area needed a place like this. Tap House 15 also has huge TV’s to watch games in!!! That’s a plus if you like sports great place to watch the games at.

Tap House 15 Full Menu Click Here

article by: Mauricio Artigas