Servsafe® Certification NJ

by on November 13, 2014

Servsafe® Certification NJ

We are a company which’s mission is to provide the best food safety training  for managers and employees of the Food Service Industry. We have excellent and seasoned trainers with extensive experience in teaching and training. Our CEO and founder is Fabio Montoya, an accomplished professional whose certifications include, ManageFirst Professional, Hotel & Restaurant Management, and more .


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MG Food Safety offers a variety of  Servsafe® Certification Classes, including the Food Protection Manager Certification, theServsafe® Foodhandlers Certification, and the Servsafe® Alcohol Certification,  in either English or Spanish (Español). These courses provide the knowledge needed for every employee to succeed  when  taking the examination. For your convenience we offer Public or Private (on preferred location) classes, which can be customized according to your needs.

Servsafe® Certification NJ

Servsafe® Certification NJ

Servsafe® Certification NJ

MG Food Safety Servsafe® Certification NJ

You can take with us Public servsafe®  classes in several places in New Jersey or Private (On Site or you preferred location) Servsafe® Classes for Manger Certification, those can be in  8 hours or 16 hours Format (we can assist you in order you know your local regulation). At the end the class you need to take the test (Print or ONLINE ), it have 90 questions multiple choices and you need 75% to pass the test. The certification is valid for 5 years but in some jurisdictions you need  to take the certification every three years.When you take the  ONLINE Test, you got the score right away and you’ll receive your certificate in two weeks from day of the test, by print test the certificate take a least five weeks.

NJ Servsafe® Classes
NJ Servsafe® Classes

Some of the jobs of a manager are to optimize their time, and to train their crew and employees, but usually there is no time for it. That is why we also provide Public and Private Servsafe® Food Handlers Classes in either English or Spanish for employees (food handlers, waiters, waitresses, busboys).

We offer great discounts for large groups.

You can pay us on the same day of the class by cash, check (payable to MG Food Safety) or credit card.


Servsafe® Certification NJ

Servsafe® Certification NJ
Servsafe® Certification NJ

If you decide to study with the independent study provided by the ServSafe® Manager Online Course or to study at home, you will NEED a ServSafe Proctor to take the test. We provide proctoring services:

Servsafe Proctor  will need to be physically present to administration an Exam.

A ServSafe Proctor is a professional appointed to keep watch over students at examinations and an official in charged with various duties, including the maintenance of good order for the integrity of the examination.

We offer Public (in our Office) or Private ServSafe® Proctoring Servicesyou can pay same day of the examination by cash or check (Please payable to MG Food Safety).

Servsafe® Certification NJ

MG Food Safety

Servsafe® Classes In NJ
Servsafe® Classes In NJ
Servsafe® Certification NJ

1. Public Servsafe®  Classes:
We offer Public Servsafe® Classes in different locations in New Jersey. We offer the best Servsafe® Classes in NJ

2. Private Servsafe® – Classes: We offer the best Food Safety Training  at the comfort of your establishment/place, which gives your employees the advantage of learning in their everyday environment and getting a hand-on approach. Just let us know when, where, at what time, and we’ll be there for the Private Servsafe® Class and the  Online Test on the same day. We provide all material for the class.

3. Servsafe® Proctoring Services:
For those who have already studied at home by Servsafe® Manager Online Course or by independent study. When ready to take the test,  we offer a public (in our office) or a private Servsafe  Proctoring Service

4. Servsafe® for Foodhandlers and Employees:
We also provide Public and Private Servsafe fooddhandlers Classes either in English or Spanish for employees (food handlers, waiters, waitresses, busboys)

5. Servsafe® Alcohol:
Do you want to save  money in your insurance cost? We provide Servsafe® Alcohol classes for Managers, waitstaff and  bartenders. We offer both Primary and Advanced test.

6. Servsafe® California Foodhandlers.
Certification  for California Food Handlers Card, English – Spanish

7. ManageFirst®
Cost control, Inventory, Production, Human Resources and more

8. Consulting.
For additional information or for our special price for Servsafe® Classes for two o more students  please feel to Contact Us at: 973 876 3730 or

Servsafe® Certification NJ
Servsafe Classes NJ
Servsafe Classes NJ

Servsafe® Classes NJ
Servsafe® Certification NJ
Servsafe® Classes New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification New Jersey
Food Safety Certification NJ
Food Safety Certification New Jersey
Servsafe® Classes Central NJ
Servsafe® Certification Central NJ
Servsafe® Classes Central New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification Central New Jersey
Servsafe® Classes North NJ
Servsafe® Certification North NJ
Servsafe® Classes North New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification North New Jersey
Servsafe® Classes Morris County NJ
Servsafe® Certification Morris County NJ
Servsafe® Classes Morris County New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification Morris County New Jersey
Servsafe® Classes Union County NJ
Servsafe® Certification Union County NJ
Servsafe® Classes Union County New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification Union County New Jersey
Servsafe® Classes Hudson County NJ
Servsafe® Certification Hudson County NJ
Servsafe® Classes Union Hudson County New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification Hudson County New Jersey
Servsafe® Classes South NJ
Servsafe® Certification South NJ
Servsafe® Classes Union South New Jersey
Servsafe® Certification South New Jersey