Quiet Man Restaurant Dover NJ

by on August 10, 2015

Growing up in Dover NJ, there’s only a few local restaurants that have stood the test of time. The Quite Man Irish Pub is one of Dover NJ’s most revered dining and drinking establishments. I personally grew up down the street from The Quite Man during my middle school and high school years. Now that I am 32 years old, I still have never been to the Quite Man Irish Pub in my own home town of Dover New Jersey. Until my buddy Manny invited me to meet him there for lunch last week. The Quite Man Irish Pub was great it’s like a diamond in the rough, I left that place knowing why they have been around for so long and have a good reputation. Definitely worth a try if you are in the Dover New Jersey area, coming back for dinner and drinks one of these nights as well…They did not pay or ask me to do this review, I am doing this for fun for Nine73.com.

The Quite Man In Dover NJ Is Still Open For Business

Quiet Man Restaurant Dover

Quiet Man Restaurant Dover

Quiet Man Restaurant In Dover NJ

5 out of 5

Food was delicious , if you go there on Friday for lunch try the soup specials, I had a spicy soup that was amazing , tasted home cooked and had really good flavors. Check out the picture below. It was recommended by my friend Manny who got there a little earlier.

Staff was awesome! attentive,funny, and on point with the service even though it was getting crowded for lunch last friday, they also brought me hot fresh bread without even asking, included a delicious brown Irish bread.

Quiet Man Restaurant

Quiet Man Restaurant

It’s Affordable & You get quality. They had a good lunch special as well. Lunch will run you  $10-$20 , you will leave full and satisfied

Crowd / Ambience was good, you can tell it was a lot of people on there lunch break or on their day off.

Might be the best Burger in Dover NJ ( check out the pic below ) The cold slaw was one of the best cold slaw’s I’ve had in a while as well. I also saw they had a decent selection of beers on tap , did not drink any I was there for lunch but will have to come back for dinner sometime.

Quiet Man Dover New Jersey

Quiet Man Dover New Jersey


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Three people were injured after crashing their car into the Quiet Man Pub in Dover. (6/17/15) ( hope the 3 people are OK :  )

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