Pay Per Call Ads

by on January 3, 2017

Pay Per Call Ads are a must for any service industry company. Are you a general contractor? plumber? roofer? car repair? When someone is reaching out to you or needs your services, they might not have the time or patience to look through your website to contact you. Why not have them click your paid ad on google adwords and the call will go directly to your business phone or cell phone? This is the quickest & fastest way to generate a lead from google. We can allocate a percentage of your monthly digital marketing budget to call only option ads on google. Current data shows that more people are actually searching on google via mobile devices instead of a standard desktop computer. We can target mobile devices, keywords, and market your ads to generate phone calls. Getting emails, contact forms, and views on your page is a good, but some of our clients prefer phone calls and straight leads instead of having to reach back to them. We understand our clients needs. If you want more phone calls for your business, you want phone call leads? We can help! We have the knowledge & proven record to bring you more phone calls!


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Pay Per Call Ads


Pay Per Call Ads Morris County NJ

Depending on the business, you can be paying anywhere from $1-$100.00 + a click per call. We also tell our clients it all depends on your ROI, if a $20.00 pay per call can lead to a $5000-$20,000 job? Would you set a budget of 1,000 a month for you to get 1 good client a month? Nine73 looks through the data, keywords, and pricing before we take on your account. We show you the data and we then both agree upon a budget that will bring you results but you feel comfortable spending every month to make a good return on your investment. We try to be as transparent as possible when taking on clients. To make sure you know where you digital marketing budget is going every month. We know that if you do not get calls you will not continue to do business with us! We depend on our clients and we try to over deliver our services as much as we can!

Pay Per Call Ads

Why a phone call and not a click to my site? If you are on your phone, and are doing a search, you can click right on the phone link be be connect to someone at your business in a matter of seconds! If you are looking to generate more phone calls this is the only way to really get fast leads in. If you are in the service industry some of your clients can be desperately looking for your services and will like to schedule a quote or a service visit as soon as possible. They feel comfortable talking to someone else on the phone that will make sure that they are taking care of, instead of visiting a website, sending a email or looking for the phone number and then making the call for help! We know how the world works and how to advertise in today’s world. Advertise like the year you are living in, not how it used to be! We can help your business succeed.

Pay Per Call Ads

Pay Per Call Ads New Jersey

Target only the locations, counties, states, and towns you want! Run your Pay Per Call Ads only in the area’s you want! All the data is tracked every call. We tell our clients to make sure you answer the phones, because it could be a $20-$50 lead coming in! or a big sale for your company. We work with our clients on a monthly basis to make sure we are generating calls for our clients all the time.

Pay Per Call Ads

We will send you a report every month, to see what calls/clicks came in. We try to be as transparent as possible with our digital marketing campaigns. We understand that a lot of our clients are really busy entrepreneurs, but they still need access to the data for their marketing. We can also meet with you at least once a month and go over everything together in person. Thank you!


Google Adwords Pay Per Call Morris County NJ