Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

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Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

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Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

” I have tried tons of dietary products but never accomplished anything. I walked into with the hope that I can learn to eat healthy and work out but still be human for the rest of my life. With 11 weeks down
and 2 more weeks to go, I am proud to say with hard work and some tears lol I feel amazing. I owe
it all to u Jose Fuentes u saved me, for that I 
Thank you.. “

Jen Gares/12 Week Tornado System Graduate
Lost 35 Lbs/14% bf/10″Waist Lost

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

Attentive charming and eager to please. Jose uses all the modern techniques for maximum muscle fiber recruitment to achieve speed and power development. By listening carefully to his students, he applies the techniques that best matches their needs and achieves their goals. He teaches isokinetics, strength training, isotonics, hypertrophy stimulation, isometrics, speed, agility and plyometric techniques. He is quite knowledgeable and does body fat analysis, stretching and manipulating agonistic and antagonistic muscles.

Among his credentials, Jose has a Masters in Sports Physiology (M.S.) He is also a Certified Master Trainer with The International Federation Of Personal Training Association a certified Sports Nutritionist with the same federation And A Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (S.C.S.C.). Jose is also a certified Human Movement Science Specialist. He continues to expand his knowledge and enhance his skills in advance sports conditioning and nutrition, weight management and alternative medicine.As an athlete and competitor, Jose has been a national competitor in body building. He competed in the prestigious Natural Eastern Classic Body Building Contest and the Natural Forever Amateur Body Building Association Event. He was also The Natural Grand Spoken Person for the Experimental and Applied Sciences Supplements Company in 1998. He has also competed in basketball, long-distance running and holds a black belt 2nd dan degree in Aiki-Jujitsu (a martial arts technique).

Ages 14 To 17

At this stage the athlete muscle mass increases steadily along with weight gain. In
boys the rate of muscle mass increases peaks at puberty, when testosterone production
increases dramatically! Girls do not experience this sharp increase due to hormonal
differences. Muscle mass in boys and girls result primarily from fiber hyperthrophy
(increase in fiber size) with little or not hyperplasia (increase in fiber numbers. Most of
this gain occurs when the muscle development rates peaks at puberty!

At this stage, our program will enhance:

• Linear speed
• Flexibility
• Deceleration techniques
• Acceleration
• Stabilization techniques
• Increase Speed
• Increase total body strength
• Increase agility
• Develop endurance
• Maximize jumping ability
• Injury prevention
• Boost confidence

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer


Our Exclusive optimizing training model:
Peak performance for college & Professional athletes.

Repeated days and weeks of training can be considered positive stress because training
improves your capacity for energy production, tolerance of physical stress, and
exercise performance. The magnitude of these adaptations depends on the volume and
intensity of exercise performed during training. Who has led our competition believe
ERRONEOUSLY that the athlete who undertakes the greatest volume (quantity) and
intensity (quality) of training will be the best performer. We see too often training
sessions conducted by many of our competitors (strength coaches) judge by the total
volume. Such as: distance run, cycling, swum of heavy lifting, etc. Unfortunately, this is
performed on each training session, leading coaches to design training programs that are
not specific for the sport and often imposed unrealistic demands on the athlete.

Our optimal training model follows a sequence that incorporates the principals of
periodization, in that the body needs to systematically go through stages of under-
training. Acute overload and overreaching to maximize performance.
The training is unmatched in its intensity and utilizes advance training methodologies to
help athletes perform at their peak!

Our Program Will Help To:
• Restore Performance After Injury
• Develop Explosive Power
• Increase Vertical Jump
• Break Their All Time Max Lift
• Develop Muscular Endurance
• Develop Strength
• Tapering for peak performance
• Break Through Previous Speed And Strength Plateaus
• Sports Nutrition Practices For Total Peak Performance

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

In his leisure time, Jose enjoys reading a wide spectrum of topics. Among his favorite topics are history, health and nutrition. He is also a health and nutrition writer on the internet, health newsletters and several national magazines such as “Men’s Exercise” and “Best Body”.

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Morris County NJ Personal Trainer
Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer

By Jose Fuentes/Master Coach/MS/Strength Conditioning Specialist/Certified Nutritionist

All athletes learn skills through various training stages:

The motor stage, the associative stage and the autonomous stage. Although running may be a natural ability; a look at typical running actions on any playground or sports field demonstrates that it is anything but. Effective running actions are taught and practice in our state of the art training center. These practices become engrained in each of my athletes BY week 3 of the 6 week speed system.

Here is the Outline for the full six Week Tornado Speed System:

week one: The Motor Phase: The athletes are learning the skills here the movements are uncoordinated, jerky and inconsisted. The focus therefore need to be totally on the task at hand. The challenge of the exercise is limited focusing on single tasks. Because the movements are unstable, they often break down so a challenge such as a competitive run should be closely monitor and limited so it doesn’t interfere with the learning skill.

week two:  In The Associative Phase: The athlete’s performance shows much more coordination and consistency. Therefore, at this time the exercises are more challenging in terms of their complexity, speed and the level of competition. As my athlete’s movements become more automated , more challenging exercises can be introduced, which requires focus on both; speed of performance and external factors such as reacting to different stimuli.

Week Three: Autonomous Stage. Movement patterns are well developed  and the athlete’s aim is to master these patterns while also ensuring that they can use them effectively and consistently in intense sports-specific environments. Our stage 3 sees a predominance of high intensity and high complex drills!

Week Four: Ground Contact Time Program. Force can only be applied when the foot makes contact with the ground period!

Ground contact time is the greatest during pure acceleration..according to some research (aprox. .2 second) decrease through transition acceleration .12 seconds and decrease to .09 at maximum speed. Therefore our focus during acceleration is keeping a greater ground contact times to produce greater impulse, so force can be directed both vertically and horizontally!

Week Five: Key technical cues for the phases of sprinting.

My primary coaching points to consider in sprinting are posture, arm action and leg action!

Acceleration: The importance of strength and power during the start and acceleration phase of a sprint can be understood more clearly by remembering that sprinters develop force to overcome inertia when their feet are on the ground. This  requires large movement through the hip, knee and ankle!. Therefore my hip, knee and ankle break away drills are essential to develop optimal acceleration!

Maximum Speed: My optimal bullet proof system to develop optimal maximum speed is simply by using my state of the art training drills that allow minimal flexion during hip and ankle during ground contact at maximal  speed in order to elevate the hip. In turn the elevated hip allows the athlete to drive the leg to nearly full extension producing maximal speed in the shortest amount of time!

Week Six: Deceleration And Multi-directional speed: The key of reduction and then production of force is a skill that very few coaches can teach. My multidirectional drills using pure elastic energy better known as the stretch shortening cycle (SSC). This technique can only be applied best when it’s used on a short delay between the eccentric and concentric action. Many coaches use too much flexion which delays the transition from deceleration to acceleration!.. The ideal position in change of direction when it comes to multidirectional speed relays on the specific requirements of the subsequent action and the specific sport.

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer Transforms mom in 3 months!

Within few days I started losing weight!…Hard work and the right training paid off!. As the weeks went on 10 lbs became 20 lbs, and 20 lbs. became 30 lbs then 30 became 40!..Here I am today 45 lbs lighter and stronger!



PRLog – Aug. 30, 2014 – DENVILLE, N.J. — How I went From Obesity To A Bikini Body In 3  months!

By Jennifer Gares

My name is Jennifer Gares. It was 12 weeks ago that I was struggling with a serious weight issue. Junk food and late night snaks were my best friends. I have tried so many different dietary products but nothing ever worked for me. I was so depressed; I had no self-esteem and no self-control. With feeling that way.

I didn’t know what else to do. I started doing some research on the internet looking for hope and that is when i came across “The Tornado Weight Loss System” By a company called Shapes R In. After seeing the website and reading the testimonials I contacted Jose Fuentes ‘The Tornado System Creator and Master Trainer. We arranged for a meeting. During the meeting I was in tears looking for help. I explained my situation to Jose. I informed him that I am a single mom suffering from sciatica. In detail he explained the 12 week Tornado Transformation program and also explained to me how he could help with the sciatica. He took my weight and measurements at that time. He explained that I was retaining a lot of water weight, more than usual but with the proper diet it will come off. He also explained to me that we were not approaching  it as a quick fix, but rrather as a lifestyle change. And with  the diets he’ll give me each week I was going to lose weight consistently every 7 days!

Furthermore, Jose also promised that upon completing  the 12 week program I can wear a bikini again. At this point I was so excited and could not wait to start. Jose believed in me and that’s what I needed.

On my first day of working out it was so hard for me, I was so out of shape. Jose explained each exercise to me in detail before doing it and what muscles I was working on. By the time I finished I was exhausted, my entire body was shaking and I felt quivering in my muscles that I have never felt before. I wanted to give up but I didn’t. As time went on my work outs got easier and easier for me. I was so happy and felt so energetic.  I finally enjoyed working out.

Within the first week I lost a total of 10 lbs. I couldn’t believe it!

Hard work and the right trainer paid off. As the weeks went on 10lbs became 20 lbs, and 20 lbs. became 30lbs then 30 became 40!

Here I am today 45lbs lighter and stronger. Lost 8″ Off my waist area and my body fat went from 42 % to 18%.  I have to be honest it wasn’t an easy journey for me, I shedded a lot of tears. Jose taught me to believe in myself and never give up.  He taught me how to eat healthier and work out but still be human. I am going to carry what he taught me for the rest of my life.

Jennifer Gares/ Denville, NJ/ Office manager