Best Sandwiches In Dover NJ

by on February 12, 2016

Since moving back to Dover NJ in November 2015 and setting up shop at the new Nine73 office located at 2 West Blackwell Street Suite 2 Dover NJ. I’ve been on the hunt for a good lunch time sandwich located near the Nine73 office. Here are some good sandwiches I’ve had a few times and some info/prices, check them out! all good spots! if you have any suggestions or places you would like to see us review or if you own a restaurant and want to be featured on please contact us at  #nine73media or follow us on instagram #nine73 @nine73 , like us on facebook! #maurii #nine73


Looking For The Best Sandwiches In Dover NJ?

The Super Torta From Taqueria Pancho Villa
Address: 7 Essex St N, Dover, NJ 07801
Phone:(973) 361-4003

I found this holy grail of a sandwich in September 2015, I was in the mood for some tacos one day I started walking downtown in Dover NJ and I went into Taqueria Pancho Villa. As I walked inside I saw the waitress bring a GIANT sandwich over to a patron. I told her I want that!! If you are starving try it!!! It’s massive, the bread is amazing, fresh veggies, you can add custom sauces ( they have a fresh sauce bar/toppings bar ) and have pork, beef or chicken ( basically any type of taco filling in your torta ). I started going at least once a month, then they changed the prices lol, it was originally 11$ now it’s 14 lol , It’s big enough to split with a friend too

Best Sandwiches In Dover NJ

Best Sandwiches In Dover NJ?

Cubano From Bravo Supermarkets
Address: 36-, 42 W Blackwell St, Dover, NJ 07801

If you like pork and flat breads/paninis’s you gotta try the Cubano Sandwich from Bravo Supermarkets. It’s a great deal at $5!!!! It’s a quick order and always fresh. It’s warm cheesy pork gooey goodness!!! This is one of my top Dover NJ lunch sandwiches!!!


Latino American Supermarket
Address: 11 Essex St S, Dover, NJ 07801
Phone:(973) 537-7211

The Pork Sandwich / Beef Sandwich

Latino American Supermarket has been one of Dover NJ’s oldest bodega’s and have been here since I could remember 15+ years! They carry products from all over latin american, but they are also known to Dover NJ locals for their to go lunch specials. If you are looking for a good sandwich in Dover NJ try out the Pork Sandwich, it’s Puerto Rican style pork sandwich it’s delicious!! also the beef sandwich is pretty good too :  ) for $5.50 and ready to go it’s a great lunch deal! Go from 12 Noon – 4pm they sell out

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Best Sandwich In Dover NJ